Goal: Cut costs

A local distributor had a large program established with a marketing company to provide them with preprinted marketing materials. They were looking for ways to cut costs. We were able to streamline their processes in order to get their costs down, and therefore we were able to capture the business. Our suggestions included changing to […]

Goal: Restore confidence

A distributor came to us with a unique label, matte with a spot gloss pattern overlay. The order had been produced by a different vendor, but the ink started chipping off the bottles once the label was applied. The original vendor remade the labels with their proposed solution and it was supposed to be better […]

Goal: Earn new business

We started working with a local distributor who wanted to earn new business from a large local company. Representatives from the end company met jointly with us and our distributor. Together, we toured our facility, and the end company was pleased with the results. We proceeded to set up the artwork and run some test […]

Goal: Improve quality of product

We worked with a distributor who had a specialized preprinted check program with a mail house. They were having a lot of problems with offsetting and dry time, so we offered to produce the orders with UV drying on both front and back. This move allowed us to earn the business, and solved several problems […]

Goal: Solve problems with the previous vendor

We worked with a local distributor on a machine-applied label item that he was producing with a different vendor. The distributor was having several quality problems and was looking to move the order to a vendor who could eliminate those issues. We developed a customized checklist and quality control process specific to this item. We […]